lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Milan: the museum of science and technology

On 15 and 16 February I was in Milan for the BIT. I admit that Milan is not really one of my favorite Italian cities, but I didn't let down for that. The morning of the 16th, before returning again to the fair, I went to visit the museum of science and technology. The ticket costs 10 euro and the reduced 7. If you want to visit the Toti submarine, guided tours cost 10 euro with the booking and 8 without. Once you have paid the ticket, the tour in the museum begins with the section about medicine, in particular on Carlo Erba. This part is particularly interesting for the fact of being able to see the medicines of the "past", their packaging and some molds for medicines (for example that for suppositories). After I was fascinated by the presentation of some models of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci: that man was simply a genius and way ahead of its time...Then, in that building, there are the sections about radio and television and then there are also some rooms where there are workshops and children can experience the things explained. One of my favorite things about these museums that have this kind of things, are these interactive installations that allow, especially to children, to learn by trying out things. once I have finished visiting the rooms in the main building, I came out of there to enter in the hangar where take place an exhibition of steam locomotives (there are also some electric locomotives): I must admit that this section fascinated me a lot. Let's talk about locomotives of the early twentieth century, until the '30s, that those of my generation have never seen in action. These giants, seen up close, these "beasts" intimidate a bit people who pass nearby. Next to each locomotive, there is a brief description of them that indicates also the years in which every railway engine "worked". I was open-mouthed like a child in a toy store (or candy, depending on your preference). Next to this hangar, there is the Toti submarine, which, as I indicated at the beginning of the post, can be visited by paying the ticket a little bit more. On the wall in front of it you will find photos that tell how it was brought to the museum (it was not an easy task, given its size and also to other factors, such as the difficulty to get him to the curve. At that link you can find some more information about that). Finally, to complete the tour, there's the hangar on ships and aircraft. I must, however, admit that this was a little disappointing: there weren't so many things to see. The museum is finished, so after that i get out of it: but the only way to the exit pass through the Museum Shop. Usually, I spent a little time in these shop: sometimes I founded something very interesting! I leave you with some pictures and I apologize for their quality: I've done them with the phone.

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