venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Some usefull information about Paphos (Cyprus)

Paphos is an ancient port city that is located in the western part of Cyprus. We can say that the city is made ​​up of two smaller cities: “high Paphos” and Kato Paphos , the "lower city". Kato Paphos is the part where is located the port of the city, with a large area that at night became pedestrian and, always in Kato Paphos, you will find all the touristic shops and restaurant, the beach of the town (in this post I talk about some of the beaches I visited in the Paphos area), the biggest part of the remains of ancient civilizations and the two main bus stations in Paphos. The bus stations are those of "Harbor" which is close the port and that of Karavella . These stations are the two bus terminal from where depart the buses that run through the city and/or to the beaches closer to Paphos (almost equally divided between the two ). From the bus station of Karavella also depart the "intercity buses" for those who want to visit other cities (eg Nicosia ) Now I tell you something about the bus tickets. The tiket for the Paphos area ( for example those for the beach), are avaible in three version: "one way" that costs 1,5 € (every time you change bus, you must do it again ), “daily” at 5 euro and “weekly “ which costs 15 € . The one-way ticket costs 2.5 Euros at night. For the "intercity buses" I saw on the website of the company that the price depend on the route: for example, for the bus that takes you to Nicosia the "one way" tiket costs 7 € (for the return you will have to do it again ) and the daily costs 13 €. The buses are always punctual with regard to the departure time and I found a small booklet with all the bus timetables at the station of the port. Some places are, however, difficult to reach by bus and you have two alternatives: the first one is to rent a car in one of the many car rental that you can find in town (remember that in Cyprus you drive according to the left, as in London : Cyprus was a British colony), the other is to contact one of the agencies that organize excursions around the island. I tried the one called “Ruslan Travel” to go to the Troodos Mountains and I can not complain , the trip was well organized , and to visit Famagusta and Ayia Napa I went with the “Eos Tour: I admit that, in my opinion, we spent too little time in Famagusta and Salamina, especially since the city is located in the Turkish part of the island and you have to spent a lot of time to pass customs controls. Between the two I preferred the first one, but keep in mind that I've only tried one of their tour, so I could be wrong :) You can find along Poseidon Avenue, the Tourist Center of Cyprus that will give you all the information you need and also various maps of the area :)

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