venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

A trip to Nicosia

I restart the story of my holiday in Cyprus telling you something about Nicosia, a city "divided in two" and always full of tourists, despite the heat. From the Karavella station, in Paphos, me and my mum we take the bus at 07:30 in the morning. Once we arrived in Nicosia we descended along the main road of the city Lefkosia: palazzi tipici and we climbed up to the "observatory of Leda street" to see the city from above. Lefkosia vista dall'alto Then we enter into a very small church, but very nice: the church of the Archangel Michael Trypiotis Lefkosia: curch of Arcangelos Michael Trypiotis We continued our walk and we passed a small mosque closed to tourists due to the presence of the faithful Lefkosia: piccola moschea We stopped at the Cathedral of Agios Ioannis, close to the archbishop: very small, but really nice. Beside it there is also the Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus. Lefkosia: We decided, therefore, to climb on the walls (built by the Venetians when Venice was one of the Maritime Republics) and arrive at the "Famagusta Gate", the best preserved, before we go to lunch. Lefkosia: "porta famagosta" After a quick lunch, we passed the controls to enter in the Turkish part of Nicosia and we stop to take a ride in what once was a caravanserai Lefkosia: antico caravanserraglio So we went to the mosque, but we watched it only from outside. Lefkosia: la grande moschea We leave the "Turkish Nicosia" and, after a brief visit to the handicraft center in Cyprus, we take a coffee along the main street waiting to go back to Paphos.

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